Handmade Raw Crystal Pendants

Just in time for the Holidays: hand-wrapped, raw natural crystal pendants! Lovingly handmade in our home studio, cleansed, charged and ready to ship. Each handmade pendant is one of a kind and comes in a fabric pouch ready for giving.

Handmade Raw Crystal Pendants by InstantKarmaShop.etsy.com

1. Cranberry Amethyst Cluster, brass wire, and sterling silver chain ($32.00)
2. Double terminated Tibetan Quartz, silver wire, and sterling silver chain ($39.00)
3. Double terminated Tibetan Quartz, brass wire, and sterling silver chain ($50.00)
4. Aragonite crystal, brass wire, and gold plated chain ($24.00)
5. Double terminated Tibetan Quartz, copper wire, and 14 kt rose gold filled chain ($50.00)

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Tibetan Pink Quartz Has Arrived!

We are so happy to have discovered a somewhat new and rare stone – Tibetan Pink Quartz! Much like its appearance it has a soft, loving, and soothing vibration. We have a limited supply available for purchase at instantkarmashop.etsy.com!

Tibetan Pink Quartz is used for unconditional love, self love, inner peace, spiritual protection, overcoming betrayal or abandonment and healing emotional wounds. It is believed to support heart health and is useful for those suffering from auto-immune diseases such as lupus. It can also be used to enhance fertility and prevent miscarriage. Like Tibetan Quartz it is an excellent stone for healing work on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Chakra: Heart.

Pink Tibetan Quartz instantkarmashop.etsy.com