The Chakras are the spinning wheels of energy that lie in the pranic energy body. Printable PDF version here.

ROOT CHAKRA (Muladhara)
Endocrine Correspondence: 
Physical Organs: 
reproductive organs
Survival issues, seat of Kundalini, abundance issues
garnet, obsidian, smokey quartz
Patterns of Balance: 
centered, grounded, lots of vital energy, manifests abundance
Patterns of Imbalance: 
egotistic, greedy, obsessed with material possessions, OR no trust in life, unable to meet goals
Suggested Affirmation: 
The Universe looks after my needs. I trust life.

NAVAL CHAKRA (Svadhisthana)
Endocrine Correspondence: spleen
Physical Organs: kidneys and spleen
Function: emotions, sexual energy
Element: water
Color: orange
Sound: Ba
Stones: tiger eye, carnelian
Patterns of Balance: friendly, outgoing, concerned for other, loves a belly-laugh
Patterns of Imbalance: emotionally explosive, overindugent, and self serving, OR overly senseitive and self-negating
Suggested Affirmation: My emotions are great teachers; I listen to their lessons and respond to them in loving ways.

Endocrine Correspondence: adrenals
Physical Organs: stomach, liver, galbladder, spine
Function: power and creativity
Element: fire
Color: yellow
Sound: Ra
Stones: citrine, rutile, malachite, topaz
Patterns of Balance: sense of personal worth, respects boundaries, expressive, likes to take on challenges, intelligent
Patterns of Imbalance: judgemental, workaholic, perfectionist, lacking confidenc, and victimised
Suggested Affirmation: I claim my personal power and accept responsibility for all areas of my life.

Endocrine Correspondence: thymus
Physical Organs: heart, lungs
Function: love, compassion
Element: air
Color: pink/green
Sound: Ym
Stones: rose quartz, kunzite, rhodocrosite, green jade
Patterns of Balance: balanced, compassionate, empathic, friendly, and outgoing
Patterns of Imbalance: possessive, moody, and melodramatic, OR paranoid, indecisive, afraid of intimacy.
Suggested Affirmation: I am open to give and receive love, freely and effortlessly, releasing the pains of my past.

Endocrine Correspondence: thyroid
Physical Organs: throat, lungs
Function: communication, self expression
Element: ether
Color: blue
Sound: Ha
Stones: azurite, sodalite, crysocolla
Patterns of Balance: content, centered, creative and exprssive, lives in present
Patterns of Imbalance: arrogant and self-righteous OR scard, quiet and inconsistent
Suggested Affirmation: I express my deepest truth gracefully, respectfully, and confidently.

Endocrine Correspondence: pituitary gland
Physical Organs: hypothalamus, autonomic nervous system
Function: intuition
Element: telepathic energy
Color: indigo
Sound: Ah
Stones: lapis, sugilite, fluorite
Patterns of Balance: access to guidance, intuition, past lives, astral travel, charisma
Patterns of Imbalance: dogmatic, egotistic, and manipulative, OR unassertive, undisciplined
Suggested Affirmation: I always receive and perceive the guidance I need.

CROWN CHAKRA (Sahasrara)
Endocrine Correspondence: pineal gland
Physical Organs: upper brain, right eye
Function: connects us to our higher self and to god
Element: cosmic energy
Color: violet
Sound: Om
Stones: amethyst, clear quartz
Patterns of Balance: open to divine, access to conscious and unconscious, able to see the patterns in existence
Patterns of Imbalance: fear of spirituality, little joy, fearful of the things we can’t understand with our physical sneses, migraines, schizophrenia
Suggested Affirmation: I acknowledge and rejoice in my spirituality.