Lepidolite and Black Tourmaline Specimen

Lepidolite is a purplish type of mica used for calming, peace, spirituality, luck, protection, stress, insomnia, psychism, decision making, and love. Because of it’s high lithium content it has been known to soothe anger, and negative emotions, and provide emotional and mental balance and stability. Recognized as a “stone of transition” it helps in the restructuring of old patterns. It has been used to treat addiction, relieve allergies, treat exhaustion, and strengthen the immune system. Chakras: Crown, Third Eye, and Heart.

Lepidolite and Tourmaline Specimen

Black Tourmaline is used for grounding and protection. It acts to protect one from being victimized by the “negative” energy of others. It is also used to activate grounding between the first chakra and the center of the Earth. It acts to stimulate the reflex points of the lower back and can also provide for both the stimulation and the balancing of the adrenal glands. Chakra: Root.

Stibnite Specimens

Beautiful glimmering Stibnite in difficult to find mini size! Stibnite is a fragile, pewter gray stone used in meditation to keep away unwanted thoughts, and to allow one to enter a meditative state, it enhances the energy field and acts as an impenetrable barrier around the physical body. It helps to attract wanted relationships and brings fidelity to existing relationships. Chakras: All. To shop Stibnite click here!

Stibnite at Instant Karma: instantkarmashop.etsy.com

Stibnite at Instant Karma instantkarmashop.etsy.com

Stibnite at Instant Karma instantkarmashop.etsy.com