Crystals for Transitioning into 2014

Crystals, gems and stones… some are dull, others sparkle, they come in all different shapes, qualities, colors, and sizes. But the one thing that you cannot deny is that we are drawn to them like moths to a flame. We adorn ourselves and surroundings with them every chance we get. They connect us with the earth and ancient times, a piece of history that we could not access in any other way, a little bit of magic in our often mundane lives.

Although the year is new and full of endless possibilities for positivity, it will no doubt bring some challenges as well, as every year does. So to help you get thing started on the right foot we have carefully selected a few crystals that will help to ensure a smooth transition from 2013 to 2014. Wear them as jewelry, surround your home with them, use them in meditation, or carry them on your person in your pocket or purse. As always, when dealing with crystals use your intuition and choose the one(s) that you feel you need the most. For further information and uses, please see check out our Crystal Dictionary. Wishing you all a safe, healthy, happy, and prosperous 2014!

Smokey Quartz Pendulum

Smokey Quartz Pendulum

Smokey Quartz: increases creativity, happiness and helps achieve emotional balance. It can be used to clear the body of negative energy similar to smudging.

Pyrite Specimen

Large Crystal Cubic Pyrite Specimen

Pyrite: used for luck and drawing wealth.

Citrine Raw Crystal Pendant

Raw Citrine Pendant

Citrine: increases self-confidence and achievement of personal goals.

Chalcedony Druzy Specimen

Chalcedony: opens the mind to new ideas.

Tumbled Sunstone

Sunstone: used for success, protection, intellect, confidence, joy, and optimism (can be good for SAD).

A New Chapter

Instant Karma is a Metaphysical Gift Shop that opened in 1987 as a place where like-minded people could shop and connect with one another in a safe spiritual space. When we purchased the store in 2005 we aspired to cultivate a community of like-minded customers throughout Nassau County, much like our predecessors before us. As the fourth owners of Instant Karma we had the challenge of both keeping up the reputation of the store, and creating something new and exciting to present to the community. We hope that we satisfied the expectations of Karma’s wonderful customers old and new, and we thank you very much for your continued support. It has been our pleasure to get to know you and we have enjoyed every moment of our time spent with you.

To us Instant Karma seems to have a life of its own, and we are fortunate to be part of it. It had been a long sought after dream of ours to be part of such an incredible legacy. But in December 2011 we closed the doors to our brick and mortar location in Rockville Centre, NY. For the customers that knew us personally, it was a logical choice. One of us (the owners) had been sick for several years with an autoimmune disorder and it was because of this that we had to make the difficult choice to close. But, we are “Always Evolving” and we have found a new home on, a wonderful marketplace for handmade items and supplies. It is not completely dissimilar to our old location in Rockville Centre. It is a worldwide community of small business owners and artists treating their customers as they would be treated in any small business location – with a personal touch. Our selection will be limited to a few select categories of merchandise, and will expand in the coming months.