New In The Shop May 13, 2014

We’ve spent the month of May re-stocking our etsy shop with both customer favorites and new unique specimens! Stop by and see what’s new!

Brazilian Green Tourmaline For Jewelry

Brazilian Green Tourmaline


Fluorite Crystals at Instant karma

Faceted Lavender Fluorite


Malachite Druzy Specimen at Instant Karma

Malachite Druzy Specimen


Amethyst Stalactite Crystal by InstantKarmaShop

Amethyst Stalactite




Double Terminated Lilac Amethyst Has Arrived!

New this month: Lilac Amethyst! Very rare and unusual Lilac Amethyst from Ametista do Sul, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil. In our 20+ years of collecting and selling crystals this is the first time we have come across Amethyst of this color and shape. Its pale lilac color ranges from rosy mauve to violet and its crystal structure is large and well terminated. Many specimens are double terminated which are not only rare and beautiful, but are prized by healers and collectors alike. We have a very limited supply of both clusters and singles available in both single and double terminated specimens. These once in a lifetime finds would make a valuable addition to any collection. Click here to shop Lilac Amethyst!

Lilac Amethyst is used for healing, spiritual protection, love, psychism, dreams, stress, happiness, and compassion. Like all Amethyst it is a stone of spirituality and contentment. It clears the aura and is excellent for meditation. It is useful in dispelling rage, anger, and anxiety and is used as protection against psychic attacks. Chakras: crown, third eye, and heart.

Double Terminated Lilac Amethyst