Apophylite Points at Instant Karma

:: Reference articles listed alphabetically with original publication date in parenthesis ::

 ✭ 2015 Moon Phases (1/2/15)

✭ Birthstones and Sun Sign Stones (6/15/12)

✭ Chakras and Chakra Chart pdf (4/9/13)

✭ Cleansing and Energizing Crystals and Gemstones (6/1/12)

✭ Crystals for Cleansing and Balancing the Chakras (5/18/12)

✭ Garnet: History and Metaphysical Properties (1/22/14)

✭ Gods and Goddesses (4/10/13)

✭ Rune Chart pdf – Eldar Futhark (1/2614)

✭ Uses for Crystals and Stones: A Quick Reference listed by Purpose (6/30/12)

✭ Using Crystals in Your Everyday Life (8/15/12)



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