Crystal Dictionary

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Actinolite – A green and black or white stone used for psychic protection, meditation, self-esteem, creativity, stress, and physical trauma. It has been used to support the kidneys, liver, and immune system.

Aegrine – A black stone that releases emotional blockages strengthens personal conviction and provides the strength to be true to oneself.  It relieves the effects of group pressure, brings acceptance of the self without conformity.  It strengthens the amount of energy applied by other minerals when used in any healing situation.  It has been used in the treatment of deficiencies of the immune system.

Agate – Vaguely distinguishable by color or markings there are numerous types of agate. It is a stone used for strength courage, truth, longevity, love, healing, protection and gardening. It provides for perceptiveness in situations and awakens ones inherent talents. It has been used to promote marital fidelity and aids one in avoiding envious thoughts making its wearer amiable and agreeable. It has been known to strengthen eyesight and when worn it helps to avoid stumbling. Chakra: Sacral, Root.

Amazonite – A bluish green stone used for success, self-expression, confidence, leadership, and communication (especially concerning love). It helps to manifest and retain the pure energy of universal love and may help enhance psychic skills, in particular to receive images from the past. It can be used in the treatment of disorders of the nervous system, dispelling muscle spasms, and balances the metabolic process related to calcium. Chakras: Throat and Heart.

Amber – A fossilized resin in white, yellow, yellow orange, and green used to help make decisions, heighten intellectual ability and strengthen memory. It is good for clarity of thought and wisdom. It is considered a good luck charm for marriage. It is also said to cleanse its environment by drawing out negativity, and can relieve physical pain the same way. Chakras: Solar Plexus and Sacral.

Amethyst – A purple quartz used for psychism, dreams, stress, healing, peace, love, courage, happiness, and overcoming alcoholism. It is a stone of spirituality and contentment. It clears the aura and is excellent for meditation. It is said to strengthen the endocrine and immune systems, and to alleviate headaches and migraines. It is useful in dispelling rage, anger, and anxiety and is used as protection against psychic attacks. Chakras: Crown and Third Eye.

Lilac Amethyst – A light purple Quartz ranging slightly in hue from rosy mauve to violet purples. It is used for healing, spiritual protection, love, psychism, dreams, stress, happiness, and compassion. Like all Amethyst it is a stone of spirituality and contentment. It clears the aura and is excellent for meditation. It is useful in dispelling rage, anger, and anxiety and is used as protection against psychic attacks. Chakras: crown, third eye, and heart.

Ametrine – A transparent purple and yellow stone a combination of Amethyst and Citrine, giving it the qualities of both stones. It is used to stimulate the intellect, release blockages, and rid the aura of negative energy. It aids meditation, boosts psychic abilities, assists in astral travel, and helps one reach higher states of consciousness more quickly. Chakras: Crown, Third Eye, Throat, and Solar Plexus.

Angelite – A blue stone that is used for communication, balancing the physical and emotional body, telepathy and calming. It is a symbol of the verbalization and communication of love and light into the world and provides a protective field around the environment in which it is placed. It helps one in spiritual journeys and astral travel, allowing flight to become second nature. It can be used to induce the rebirthing process and to open the pathway for channeling. (Chakras: Throat, Heart)

Apache Tear – A black globule of translucent obsidian that is used for protection, luck, and peace. It has been used to comfort in times of grief. Metaphorically it sheds the tears for one in times of sorrow, allowing for true understanding of the situation in order to provide insight and acceptance. It also promotes a forgiving attitude and a release of grievances, which have been held against another. It facilitates spontaneity and facilitates the removal of barriers, which are self-limiting. (Chakras: Root)

Apatite – A blue green stone from Brazil, Mexico, Shri Lanka, or Madagascar that restores clear thought, enhances creativity, enhances the flow of communication, and helps to control appetite. It Awakens the finer, inner self and helps to practically apply ones insight and powers of manifestation. It encourages the accumulation of knowledge, channeling, and balances energy. Has been known to heal the glandular system, and ease hypertension. (Chakras: Third Eye, Throat, Heart)

Apophylite – A brilliantly clear stone from Poona India that is an effective meditation crystal, expanding awareness while helping to release stresses. It enables understanding and acting according to the truth of situations. It aids one to remain totally conscious while experiencing the astral realm, exchange of communication with the spirit world, and past life experience. It enhances and stimulates intuitive vision. (Chakras: Crown and Third Eye)

Aqua Aura Quartz – Aqua Aura is quartz that is permanently treated by fusing gold crystals with heat and vacuum producing a celestial shade of blue. It is an included quartz, which means the gold, and quartz work in harmony and amplifies each other. Aqua Aura is good for communication, releasing depression, meditation, and channeling. It can be used to purify the body allowing all levels of healing to occur. (Chakras: All)

Aquamarine – A pale blue-green colored stone that is used for psychism, communication, tranquility, courage, and purification. It quiets the mind, calms the nerves, clarifies perception and reduces stress. It helps banish phobias and fears. It is said to align muscles and vertebrae of the neck, relieve the pain of toothaches and cure illness of the stomach, throat and jaw. (Chakras: Throat, Heart)

Aragonite – A white, gray, yellowish brown or copper brown stone that enhances reliability, enhances practicality, increases creativity, patience and self-discipline. Helpful in preparing for the state of meditation. Useful in centering oneself especially during periods of stress or anger and helps one to see the origin of problems. It can be used to disperse aches, pains, and chills. (Chakras: Third Eye, Heart, Sacral, Root)

Aventurine – A green stone used for mental powers, eyesight, gambling, money, peace, healing, luck, love, independence, well-being and creativity. It aids in releasing anxiety and fear. It motivates, helps with decisiveness and strengthens leadership qualities. It has the ability to soothe and balance and can impart a positive influence in every aspect of your life. Strengthens the blood. (Chakras: Heart)

Azurite – A deep blue stone used for psychism, dreams, divination, inspiration, and healing. Facilitates clear meditation, initiates transformation and allows for precise verbalization of psychic experiences. Known as a “stone of heaven”, it stimulates the pursuit of the heavenly self. It is said to help clear toxins from the body and strengthen the blood. (Chakras: Third Eye, Throat)

Black Obsidian – A black volcanic glass stone used to keeps away negative energy, and protect one from becoming overly sensitive. Allows one to see more clearly during times of change. Helps to remove blockages from the body. Protects against negative energy. A good stone when engaging in creative endeavors. (Chakras: Root)

Black Onyx – A black stone use for protection, defensive magic, and reducing sexual desires. It enhances emotional balance and self-control. Onyx is an excellent stone for absorbing unwanted energy coming from outside sources. It brings balance to mind or body as well as strength of mind and can help you approach a lesson or task with greater self-confidence. It is said to be good for teeth and bones. (Chakra: Root)

Bloodstone – A dark green stone with red spots, used for strength, self-confidence, harmony, adaptability, idealism, courage, organization and mental balance. Bloodstone is excellent for centering, grounding and calming, particularly in survival situations. It is also good for helping emotional traumas and grief. It is believed to halt bleeding, help regulate menstruation, and balance the blood therefore is recommended for high or low blood pressure. (Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus, Heart)

Blue Lace Agate – A Sky blue banded stone from South Africa used for peace, happiness, stress, strength, courage, longevity, gardening, love, healing, and protection. It sends calm after long struggles and gently enters our being and shows us the way back to our center. Blue Lace Agate soothes petty desires and childish habits. It is said to balance the adrenals, and loosens throat and facial muscles. (Chakras: Throat)

Botswana Agate – A gray brown or pink stone with white round stripes, known as the change stone because it is used to increase ones ability to understand the unknown. It enhances creativity, helps release emotions that have been repressed, and energizes the aura. It is believed to strengthen the nervous system, help clear the body of toxins, and help to heal broken bones. (Chakras: Heart)

Calcite – A translucent crystal found in a variety of colors, it is used for spirituality, centering, peace, love, healing, purification, and protection. It is said to help the mind, remembering information during astral travel and channeling experiences and helps the body to remember the state of perfection during disease in order to return to the natural state of flawlessness. It is a good remover of stagnant energy, which makes it useful in meditation. (Chakras: All)

Carnelian – A red/orange stone used for protection, peace, creativity, healing, happiness, anti-nightmare, courage and sexual energy. It eliminates confusion, is good for the absent minded, protects against envy, fear, rage and helps to banish sorrow. It is excellent for public speaking and can assist one in theatrical. Known to be a general health inducer, used in treatment of allergies and colds, is excellent for the blood (it has a high iron content) and helps ease menstrual pain. (Chakras: Solar Plexus, Sacral)

Cat’s Eye – This stone, which exhibits a moving luminous opalescence, is used for wealth, luck, beauty, gambling, protection, healing and depression. Cat’s eye stimulates intuition, enhances awareness and is effective in dispelling unwanted energy from one’s etheric field. It can be used in the treatment of eye disorders, improves night vision for driving, relieves headaches, and pains associated with the nervous system, Relieves facial and sciatic afflictions.

Celestite – A Grey-blue clear crystal that is used for calming, compassion, eloquence, meditation, inspiration, healing, lifting heavy moods, sadness, and astral travel. It is excellent for dream recall. It Promotes a pleasant disposition and can provide for fluency in communication. It provides access to information from the angelic realms and assists in clairaudient endeavors. Removes stress from the physical form and therefore is Used to relieve headaches and tension. (Chakras: Crown, Throat)

Chalcedony – A translucent stone found in any number of colors including clear, yellow, green, blue and pink. It is used for creativity, communication, concentration, and to open the mind to new ideas. It stimulates the ability to learn new languages and improve memory and self-perception. Chalcedony is said to be able to absorb negative energies, thoughts, emotions and bad dreams; and to help alleviate hostility, irritability, and melancholy. (Chakras: Throat, Heart

Champagne Aura (Smokey Aura) – Champagne Aura is created when Clear Quartz crystals are super heated in a vacuum and infused with vaporized Gold & Indium. The precious metals condense onto the surface of the quartz to form a permanent bond with the crystal. It can be used to remove negative energies and emotional blockages, and is an excellent grounding stone It acts as a protective stone, providing a barrier of energy around the user. (Chakras: All)

Charoite – A purplish stone used for love, and cleansing of the self. It helps ease subconscious fears, and clears thought patterns that cause conscious feelings of guilt, sin and fear. It facilitates acceptance of others and enhances ones giving nature. It strengthens the body while releasing negative energy. This stone is known to treat disorders of the eye and heart (it stimulates and regulates blood pressure and the pulse rate). It is also known to treat headaches and aches and pains. (Chakras: Crown, Third Eye, Heart)

Chiastolite (Andalusite, cross stone or fairy crosses) – A stone with a natural symmetrical cross pattern, it is used for elemental magic, elemental power, memory, balancing, problem solving, and luck. It can be quite helpful during a state of change and it encourages the ability to see all aspects of a situation. It is helpful in the maintenance of spirituality during illness. It is said to strengthen the lower abdomen area, increase secretion of milk in nursing mothers, lessen fevers and balance blood flow.

Chlorite – is a powerful healer and connects one to the earth. It is often used to eliminate toxins, and is a powerful painkiller.

Chrysocolla – A green stone that is used for peace, relaxation, balance, wisdom, and love. It clears away blockages in the emotions, and belief systems. It eases emotional heartache giving renewed inner strength and balance. Held in the hand it is said to drive off unreasonable fear and illusions and soothe emotions. When worn the stone grants the power of discretion and increased wisdom. It strengthens expression, communication and increases one’s capacity to love. (Chakras: Third Eye, Throat, Heart)

Chrysoprase – An apple green chalcedony used for happiness, luck, success, friendship, protection, healing, and money. It augments communication, balance, stability, adaptability, choices, and higher consciousness. When worn it is said to lift emotions and banish greed, envy, selfishness, tension and stress. It has been used to prevent nightmares, strengthens the eyes, and relieves the pain of rheumatism. (Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus)

Citrine – A yellow brown quartz used for anti-nightmare, protection, and psychism. This stone creates optimism and relaxation through the body, emotions and mind. It increases self-confidence and achievement of personal goals (acting as a sword, penetrating problems and expediting solutions). It is excellent for clearing the aura and for aligning the auric body with the physical structure. It can aid in digestion, circulation of the blood, balancing the thyroid and activating the thymus. (Chakras: Solar Plexus)

Cobalt Aura – Molecules of pure cobalt are bonded to the quartz by the natural electric charge of the crystal, producing brilliant hues of royal blue, violet and gold, which cannot be scraped off. An excellent stone for clairvoyance, and creativity (both removing blockages to creativity and enhancing creative powers). It is said to lift the emotions and instill a sense of wonder. (Chakra: Third Eye)

Copper – A reddish orange metal that is used for energy direction, healing, luck, love, and money. It can be used to combat lethargy, restlessness and non-acceptance of ones-self. It stimulates initiative, optimism independence and protects against stress. Emotional turbulence, over emotional states or irritability can be eased with copper. It is worn to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and for relief of rheumatism, arthritis and any painful condition.

Cowrie Shell – A shell that is an ancient symbol for fertility, beauty, creation, birth, power, money, wealth, and purification. The name cowrie comes from the Hindu “kauri” meaning small shell. It is a symbol of the goddess and is given to brides to guarantee offspring and safe delivery. Women in Pompeii wore the shell to prevent sterility. Because it was used as coinage in India, China, and Africa it is also said to bring fortune and affluence to its bearer. It is believed to protect against the evil eye.

Desert Rose – A light brown and white selenite stone that looks something like a rose, used for personal development, self-improvement, and to access past and future lives. It clarifies thinking and mental vision and helps one keep calm and in control when dealing with many things at once.

Dioptase – A blue green stone used for healing emotional wounds, moving forward, and love. It has been known to relieve headaches. (Chakra: Heart).

Dumortierite – A dark blue-violet stone used for communication, expression, patience, and to help one to understand problems allowing them to cope with a situation. Excellent for students because it aids memory, mental discipline, and retention. It also can be used to open psychic ability, and aid divine inspiration for inner guidance. Meditate or sleep with Dumortierite to stimulate psychic or prophetic vision if you are gifted. (Chakras: Third Eye)

Emerald – A green beryl used for beauty, grace, balance, love, money, mental powers, psychism, fertility, rebirth, protection and eyesight. Worn to strengthen the memory as well as to increase understanding and to produce eloquent speech. It is a spiritual, mental and physical healer that balances the heart, speeds up detoxification, relaxes the chest, shoulders and upper back, and brings calm by removing hidden fears. (Chakras: Third Eye, Heart, Solar Plexus)

Epidote – A green stone with white dots that increases intuition, happiness and pride, encourages the full use of self-potential and creativity, and is good for communication. It supplements personal power and dispels criticalness. This stone embraces change on the planet and it represents the commitment to follow through in all of our actions, even through difficult times. It may ease inflammation of joints and pain connected to muscles, scratches and wounds. (Chakras: Heart, Root)

Fire Agate – A deep brown translucent stone with flashes of white, orange, red, green, and gold used for calming, security, safety, courage, protection, and strength. It relieves fears, halts gossip and reflects the threat of harm. With its strong grounding powers, it supports during difficult times. A fire agate inspires inner knowledge, and increases communication skills. It is said to assist with healing of the stomach, nervous system, circulatory system, and intestines. (Chakras: base)

Fluorite – A transparent stone found in any combination of colors including clear, yellow, purple, blue and green. It is a mental stone; increasing concentration, stabilizing emotions and bringing order to chaos. Improves physical and mental coordination and draws off stress and negative energies of all kinds. A great stone to keep near the computer, as it is effective against electromagnetic stress. Assists balance and coordination and is said to be a powerful healing tool. (Chakras: Color corresponds to chakra)

Fuchsite (Mica, Green Muscovite) – A soft stone that is a combination of apple green with silver, white and sometimes pink. Helps keep negativity away and prevents one from getting into negative situations. Teaches true self worth, assists in overcoming codependency, and imparts resilience after trauma and emotional tension. Calms and provides a sensation of freshness. Has been known to balance red and white blood cell ratio.

Garnet – is a very powerful stone used for love, grounding, healing, protection, meditation, self-confidence, and strength. It increases sexual energy, psychic ability, and extracts negative energy from the Chakras. Also called the stone of commitment, Garnet brings devotion, rekindles feelings, renews and strengthens love, and is often exchanged between parting friends to symbolize affection and magically ensure they meet again. Known as the “stone of health” Garnet has been used to treat skin conditions, inflammatory disease, insomnia, and disorders of the spine, heart, lungs and blood. (Chakras: Heart, Root). Color: Ranging in color from deep burgundy red to rust. Newer varieties may be green, orange, yellow, and black. Country of Origin: Bohemia, Madagascar, India, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and United States of America. MOHS Hardness: 6-7.5. For more information about garnets click here!

Geode – A hollow stone used for meditation, fertility, and childbirth. The geode structure exhibits properties, which include facilitation of astral travel and assistance in the pursuit of mathematics. It also helps one to both recognize and analyze the total picture prior to decision-making. It allows one the freedom to mold and to shape ones own future, and assists in attaining highly effective communication skills.

Girasol (Blue opal) – A light blue stone that encourages stable, strong and positive communication and provides a positive point of view. It imparts the freedom and courage to speak freely, and the wisdom to recognize those who will be receptive to it. It stimulates concentration skills, creativity and ingenuity in connecting with others. It is said to balance metabolism, assist in the assimilation of iron and is useful in treating hair loss and fatigue.

Goldstone – A copper-gold or dark blue colored manmade stone made by mixing copper and glass. It is uplifting, energizing and provides confidence, strength and happiness. It is good for creativity. Origins of this stone are unclear. Some say this stone was originally made by monks, some say by alchemists.

Hematite – A heavy silvery black stone used for healing, grounding and divination. It amplifies intuition and spontaneity; therefore it is excellent for people who are extremely logical. It provides personal charm, optimism, desire, courage, and strengthens self-esteem. It also provides a calming atmosphere and assists in dissolving negativity. This stone can be used in the treatment of insomnia, blood pressure, nervous disorders and assists in the alignment of the spine. (Chakras: Root)

Herkimer Diamond – A form of quartz that stimulates clairvoyance and enhances dream states. It is a powerful cleanser renowned for its ability to enhance subtle perceptions. This crystal encourages stabilization, a dynamic exchange of energy and is able to store and radiate energy broadcasts. It also helps to release stress and tension throughout the physical body, particularly in the muscle tissues. (Chakras: All)

Hiddenite – A yellow green type of kunzite. It helps to stimulate the intellect and the loving side of ones nature and can be used to assist one in intellectual and emotional pursuits. It can also provide insight when diagnosing disorders of the physical body. Placed next to the jaw it dispels anger. This stone may help treat the liver. (Chakras: Heart)

Howlite – A white stone with winding gray veins that is used for peace, balance, communication and intellect. It strengthens memory and desire for knowledge and encourages achievement of goals. This mineral can be used to calm communication, to facilitate awareness, to encourage emotional expression and can help to lessen rudeness and boisterousness. It can be used to eliminate pain, stress and rage. It has been known to balance calcium levels in the body. (Chakras: Crown, Third Eye)

Infinite – A green or gray stone with a velvety surface good for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Used for healing and soothing, it is said to work on a cellular level to disperse unhealthy energy; It nurtures the heart and provides emotional support.  It is especially good for healing grief. (Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral Root)

Jade – A soothing green stone used for love, healing, longevity, wisdom, protection, gardening, prosperity, and money. It enables learning through dreams and encourages physical understanding of them. It reduces negativity and Increases ones ability to express oneself. Physically, it can help even metabolism, increasing efficiency and energy. It is said to be helpful for kidney, heart and stomach complaints. (Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus)

Jasper – An opaque stone ranging in color used for healing, protection, health and beauty. It promotes mental processes, and restrains dangerous desires or whims.  It balances emotions and helps unite the subconscious and self-awareness. It releases spaciness and over-thinking by helping us out of our heads, into our hearts and back into our bodies. It strengthens the physical body when weak. (Chakras: Color corresponds to chakra)

Jet – Black fossilized wood, millions of years old used for protection, anti-nightmare, luck, divination, and health.  It can help to control mood swings and fight deep depression and can be used to dispel fearful thoughts.  It enhances the stability of ones finances.  It is worn to maintain proper energy flow within the body to avoid ill health and it can be used in the treatment of migraines, stomach pain and colds. (Chakras: Root)

Kunzite – A pink or purple translucent grooved stone that opens the heart to divine love, increasing inner happiness and love for those around you.  It promotes love of self and self esteem, provides confidence, and, has the ability to cure emotional pain.  A stone that removes obstacles, it relieves stress and anger, bringing peace and harmony.  It is said to strengthen and reinforce the heart muscles, and aid the circulatory system. (Chakra: heart)

Kyanite – A blue or black mica that is calming, clearing and ideal for restoring energy balance. It facilitates meditation and is useful when connecting to the astral plane and when connecting ones guides.  It helps to induce dream recall and aid in solving problems while in nighttime dream state. It will not accumulate or retain negative vibrations. The energy of Kyanite is unlimited in application, making it one of the very best attunement stones. (Chakras: Crown, Third Eye, Throat)

Labradorite (Spectrolite) – Color range includes iridescent gray, green and blue.  It is used for intuition, inspiration, protection, and illuminating consciousness.  Labradorite helps you find your purpose in life.  It is a stone used for magic and divination and aids in the recall of experiences that one has had in other realms and other lives.   It reduces stress and anxiety and can be used in the treatment of disorders of the brain and digestion. (Chakras: All)

Lapis Lazuli – A royal blue stone with flecks of pyrite that is used for psychism, healing, joy, love, protection, courage and fidelity.  It is the “stone of total awareness” providing objectivity, clarity and mental endurance.  It will open the third eye and is a powerful thought amplifier.  It is useful in relieving depression and provides protection from psychic attacks.  It is said to relieve symptoms of insomnia, vertigo and dizziness. (Chakras: Throat, Third Eye)

Larimar – A pastel blue stone, with areas of white that comes from the Dominican Republic.  Larimar represents peace and clarity; it radiates healing and love energy, and is recommended for those who are stressed.  Used to bring emotional harmony, patience, acceptance, and creativity, it is recommended for people who are trying to balance everything at once.  It sooths anger, brings joy, and helps control emotions. (Chakras: Throat)

Lemurian Quartz (Lemurian Seed Crystals) – Lemurian Seed Crystals come from a now closed mine located in Brazil on the top of the Serra do Cabral near the town of Joaquim Felicio. They are distinguishable by their distinctive horizontal ridges. Lemurians are not only special for the powerful energy that they have, but also because the last Lemurians from this location were taken out in 2006, and the mine officially closed in 2007. These are highly sought after by those who do energy work and collectors that appreciate the individuality of these beautiful, powerful and rare variety of Quartz Crystal. Lemurian Quartz is a pink, white, or clear Quartz that is used for healing, love, compassion, and removing karmic and emotional debris. Lemurians have also been known to remove emotional ties and facilitates emotional independence. Chakra: Heart.

Lepidolite – A purplish type of mica used for calming, peace, spirituality, luck, protection, stress, insomnia, psychism, decision making, and love. Because of it’s high lithium content it has been known to soothe anger, and negative emotions, and provide emotional and mental balance and stability. Recognized as a “stone of transition” it helps in the restructuring of old patterns. It has been used to treat addiction, relieve allergies, treat exhaustion, and strengthen the immune system. Chakras: Crown, Third Eye, and Heart.

Lithium Quartz – A clear quartz with a soft magenta hue caused by the presence of lithium ions, said to be pre programmed by nature, self-clearing and self-cleansing.   Lithium quartz sends and receives energy as well as storing it.  It is balancing and calming, and is used as a natural anti-depressant, to relieve stress, anxiety, and tension, bringing relaxation and peace.  It heals repressed grief and anger, as well as emotional issues from past lives. (Chakras:  All)

Lodestone (Magnetite) – Lodestones are rocks that are naturally magnetic; it is believed that lighting striking on Magnetite causes the particles to align in the right way to produce a magnetic field.  It is believed that lodestone has the power to attract good things and absorb bad.   It attracts good fortune, success, luck, money, love, power, and absorbs negativity.  Lodestone is also excellent for grounding and protection. (Chakras: Root)

Lodolite included Quartz – A clear stone with green, yellow, pink, brown, red, or white inclusions that resemble a landscape. It is used for peace, harmony, healing, insight, mediation, spiritual growth, past life regression, and manifestation. Lodolite has a soft, soothing, gentle energy.

Magnetite – A gray, brown, or black opaque stone said to give protection from enchantments and evil spirits.   It attracts power, favor and love, and guards against unfaithfulness.  It increases physical energy, and dispels negative emotions such as fear and anger.  Specimens that act, as natural magnets are known as lodestones.  Magnetite is said to help strengthen the circulatory system, and help in the treatment of blood and bleeding disorders. (Chakras: Root)

Malachite – A green stone with bands of varying hues it is used for power, protection, love, peace, business success, money, and fertility.  Calms stormy emotions.  Aids sleep.  Vitalizing for the body and mind.  Reveals subconscious blocks.  Excellent balancer on all levels.  It is known to strengthen the heart, circulatory system, pineal and pituitary glands. (Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus)

Moldavite – Moldavite is a translucent meteoric tektite gem, ranging in color from green to brown black used for protection, love, astral travel, dream work and channeling.  Moldavite is an exceptional stone and is among the most powerful tool for spiritual development and expansion of ones consciousness.  It can help show you the path to enlightenment.  Moldavite is said to heal hair loss, fertility issues, and promote new cell growth. (Chakras: heart and third eye crown)

Moonstone – A white, cream, gray, orange, green, rainbow or blue stone strongly connected to the moon and used to increase intuition, promote empathy, prevent moodiness, and balance and soften emotions.  It is a stone of new beginnings, draws love and helps in relationships.  Known as the traveler’s stone it is used for protection. (Chakras: Crown, Third eye)

Mosandrite (Hieroglyphic Stone) – A yellow- dark brown stone with many markings that look like hieroglyphics but are actually ancient petrified plant life.   Hieroglyphic Stone stimulates the gift of prophecy, provides grounding, brings vitality to creativity and is very useful in healing (especially Reiki). It can also be used to bring vitality to creativity, love, personal power intuition and sexuality. Mosandrite can also be used in the treatment of skin rashes. (Charkas: Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root)

Moss Agate – A translucent or white stone with branching markings like foliage or moss, used to strengthen one in times of stress, helps balance emotional energy, gives one self-esteem. It provides energy and strength to overcome inertia, and helps the user let go of anger and bitterness so the emotions are balanced.  A birthing stone said to lessen pain during delivery.  It is believed to speed recovery during illness, cleanse the circulatory and elimination systems. (Chakras: Heart)

Ocean Jasper – A white green or gray stone with flowery shapes in all colors, used to heal the emotions and bring peace of mind.  It helps one accept responsibilities and increases patience.  It is a very soothing stone and helps one to love one’s self as well as others.  It is also a very protective stone and any orbs (“eyes”) enhance this in regard to protection from the” evil eye”.  It is said to be beneficial to the digestive system removing toxins and helping with body odor. (Chakras: Heart)

Opal Aura Quartz (Angel Aura, Rainbow Aura, Pearl Aura) – Angel Aura is quartz that is permanently treated by fusing silver crystals with heat and vacuum to give it a pearlized coloring.  Angel Aura is said to bring peace and tranquility, it is a stone of high spiritual energy, used in meditation to help one find the proper course of action in life.  It can be useful in angelic communication, and communicating with higher self and inner wisdom. (Chakras: All)

Peridot – A light green clear stone used to balance emotions, remove stress, control fear, end guilt, and activate personal growth.  It enhances the healing of relationships.  It is also good for finding lost items.  When worn it helps to make a shield of protection around the person.   It is said to aid digestion, help reduce insomnia, and increase psychic powers. (Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus)

Petrified Wood – A stone that is used for longevity, past life regression, healing, protection and luck.  It provides strength in all areas of ones life and is also good for grounding.  It is a stone of “transformation”, assisting one to advance to their highest chosen level.  It can be used to strengthen the back and provide alignment to the spine and may help treat internal infections in the abdomen. (Chakras: Root)

Picasso Stone – A stone resembling a Picasso print with its variety of colors and stripes, dots and patches used to increase creativity and originality, helps provide new ideas, and is recommended to combat artistic blocks. “ It is believed to stimulate the circulatory system, and help promote weight loss by regulating metabolism”. (Chakras: Root)

Pietersite – Colors include blue, black and brown.  This stone is used for courage, grounding and promoting health.  It assists one during meditative states to experience visions and pre-cognitive thoughts.  Pietersite helps one find their purpose, and assists one in remaining open to experience. Physically, it is said to help focus eyesight and expands the posture for strength and balance.  “. Affirmation: “I turn inward to renew my life force. (Chakras: Third Eye, Solar Plexus)

Pyrite  (Fool’s gold) – This gold “stone” is used for divination, luck, grounding, and drawing wealth. It encourages and sustains the flawless ideal of health, intellect and emotional well-being. Assists one in seeing behind facades and promotes understanding of that which lies beneath words and actions. It helps channel energy and enhances memory. Pyrite is said to aid digestion, strengthens blood and improve circulation. (Chakras: All)

Clear Quartz – A transparent white stone used for protection, meditation, healing, psychism, harmony, and power. It absorbs, purifies, and amplifies energy to the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, and can transfer the energy to your inner self. It may be used for achieving desires, hold it while concentrating on desires or studying. Clear quartz is believed to have a multitude of healing properties. (Chakras: All)

Rainbow Obsidian – A black volcanic glass stone with all rainbow colors on it used to bring pleasure, enjoyment and joy into one’s life.  It helps one to recover from a past love affair, and allows one to find new love, or relationships.  It also teaches you about your spiritual nature, enhances clairvoyance and is an excellent scrying stone.
(Chakras: Root)

Rhodocrosite – A pink stone that is used for love, peace, energy and forgiveness.  It provides love on all levels and gently and quickly balances the emotions, stabilizes the mind and enhances memory and intellectual power.  It helps to alleviate irrational fears and paranoia.  It is believed to aid in the treatment of thyroid imbalances, asthma, and elimination problems.  Also said to prevent sickness. (Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root)

Rhodonite – A dark pink stone with black spots used to bring the power of love to a physical level, helps deal with emotion without being carried away.  Balances attitudes and promotes self worth.  Helps one achieve greatest potential.  Wards off negativity.  Helps one to focus, and remain calm during arguments to resolve disagreements in a loving way.   It is said to tone digestion, and adjust appetite according to needs. (Chakras: Heart)

Rose Quartz – A pink quartz used for love, happiness, balancing, confidence, and compassion.  It emits a calming energy, promoting self-love and bringing peace to relationships.  It is an excellent stone for healing emotional wounds and helps diffuse negative stimuli and uncomfortable memories.  Helps heal loneliness, ease fear and soothe grief.  It is said to help in disorders of the kidneys and adrenal glands. (Chakras: Heart)

Ruby – A red or red purple stone used for good health, affluence, wisdom, prosperity, love and fertility.  It is recommended for women who want to become pregnant.   It is a stone of high energy and power that promotes healing on all levels.  It is said to improve circulation and be helpful for blood related health issues such as anemia, menstrual issues and poor circulation. (Chakras: Heart, Root)

Rutilated Quartz – A clear quartz stone with needle like strands of rutile running through it, used to enhance mental and physical stability, and for self-reliance.  It is a good stone for mediation, dream work, and spiritual communication.  It helps diminish fears, depression and aids decision-making. It is said that it can ease loneliness and relieve guilt. (Chakras: All)

Selenite (Satin Spar, Desert Rose) – A soft white translucent stone used to create a calm atmosphere. It is a calming stone that instills deep peace and is therefore excellent for meditation or spiritual work. It assists judgment and insight, clears confusion and stabilizes erratic emotions. It has been known to promote flexibility, align the spine and neutralize mercury poisoning from dental amalgam. (Chakras: Crown)

Seraphinite – A deep green stone laced with streaks of silver and its name comes from Seraphim, the highest order of angels.  It is said to help contact angels and allow one to communicate with them. It helps develop intuition and psychic awareness. Seraphinite is a purifying stone it is helpful for all forms of transformation.  It helps you see your life clearly so you can see the changes needed. (Chakras: Crown, Heart)

Serpentine – A green, yellowish or brown stone used during meditation to help one go back to previous incarnations, good for protection, also believed to help nursing women regulate their milk supply.  It is said to help balance sugar levels therefore recommended for diabetics. (Chakra: Crown)

Shiva Lingam – The Shiva Lingam is an ancient symbol of primordial creative energy.  Sacred to the God Shiva, the oval shape of the stone represents male energy (dynamic expression, and knowledge), while the markings called Yoni represent female energy (wisdom and intuition).  They are found close to the Narmada river in India and are carefully collected and polished.  Lingams may be used as symbols of worship, for healing, vitality, or as tools to balance one’s energy. (Chakras:  charge entire system & activate the Kundalini)

Smokey Quartz – A transparent gray quartz crystal stone used for grounding and clearing.  It can be used to clear the body of all negative energy similar to smudging.  It is useful when trying to manifest dreams and desires.  It increases creativity, happiness and helps achieve emotional balance. (Chakras: Root)

Snowflake Obsidian – A black volcanic glass stone with white spots, used to help remove blockages by absorbing negative energy, and activating self-power.  Good for calming fears and balancing during times of change.  It allows one to recognize unnecessary patterns in life to provide relief from undesired conditions.   It is said to strengthen and balance the intestinal system, abdomen and muscles. (Chakras: Root)

Sodalite – A Deep blue stone veined with white, used for healing, peace, meditation, wisdom, and communication.  The journey of discovery is the realm of Sodalite.  It activates the third eye and mental realms.  It encourages self-esteem and trust in oneself and others.  It can be used to dispel insomnia.   It alleviates fear, and guilt, and helps one verbalize true feelings.   It is said to be useful in the treatment of glandular, and digestive disorders, and aids calcium deficiency. (Chakras: Third Eye, Throat)

Sphalerite – A sparkling blackish brown stone, which may have hints of yellow, or orange. It is used for protection, stress, confidence, healing, and letting go of unwanted feelings or thoughts. It has been used to strengthen brain functions, treat disorders of the skin, and increase the libido. (Chakra: Root).

Sphalerite with Pyrite – It is used for clarity, removing mental and emotional blockages, helps one to find truth, protection, shielding one from unwanted energy, intuition, and improves memory. It has been used to stimulate the immune system and calm nerves.

Specular Hematite (Specularite) – A black or dark grey stone with what look like shimmering sparkles. It is used for protection, grounding, healing, and finding ones purpose in life.

Spinel – A semi-precious gem, coming in a variety of colors, said to clarify thoughts and creative ideas, as well as attracting the help that is required for any given situation.  It is associated with hope, will and purpose, encouraging us to overcome all obstacles.   Black helps one handle other people correctly, Blue is good for spiritual communication, Green is said to increase money, Pink foster love, Red increases vitality, Peach builds self-esteem, Yellow fosters a belief in one’s own abilities, Violet helps enhance communication.

Stibnite – A pewter gray stone used in meditation to keep away unwanted thoughts, and to allow one to enter a meditative state, it enhances the energy field and acts as an impenetrable barrier around the physical body.  It helps to attract wanted relationships and brings fidelity to existing relationships. (Chakras: All)

Sugilite – A purple or violet pink stone with black banding known as “the healer’s stone” because of its great ability to enhance healing.  It is used to keep away hostility and protection during difficult times; it also strengthens spirituality, psychic ability and channeling.   It helps by awakening spiritual awareness, releasing turmoil and alleviating despair.  Good for Cancer patients because it elevates fear and anxiety to allow healing.  Helps one sleep and counteracts nightmares, and is excellent for all kinds of psychic protection. (Chakras: All)

Strawberry Quartz – A light pink quartz stone with white black and green veins running through it used to stimulate the energy center of the heart, ease tension in relationships, and, recall past lives.  It provides a sensation of love and emotional strength.  It is also a very calming and refreshing stone allowing one to experience loving relationships. Chakra: Heart.

Sunstone – A shiny orange gold to red brown stone used for success, protection and to strengthen the intellect.  A stone of light and happiness brings optimism, provides luck in games.  Said to help with chronic sore throat, it reduces stomach tension, cartilage problems and rheumatism. Chakras: Solar Plexus, Sacral.

Tangerine Quartz – Tangerine Quartz is an orange hued Quartz variety that gets its color from inclusions of iron. It is used for creativity, passion, fertility, joy, and physical and energetic trauma. It has been known to help one overcome fear, give hope, provide power and energy, and can help one heal from psychic attack. Chakra: Sacral.

Tangerine Aura Quartz (Melon Aura) – Tangerine Aura is quartz that is permanently treated by fusing gold and iron oxide with heat and vacuum causing a gorgeous glistening orange color. Tangerine Aura promotes self- esteem and acceptance.  Tangerine Aura is wonderful for meditation because it helps clear and focus thoughts to bring a creative solution to problems. (Chakras: Sacral)

Tanzan Aura Quartz (Tanzine Aura/Indigo Aura) – Tanzan Aura is created when Clear Quartz crystals are super-heated in a vacuum and infused with vaporized Gold & Indium causing a deep Indigo blue violet iridescent rainbow coloring.  Recommended for meditation and healing work, it can be used to raise ones vibrations, allowing one to release negativity, which can be helpful when encountering situations, loaded with negative vibrations. (Chakras: Crown, Third Eye, Throat)

Tektite – Tektites are natural black glass stones formed by meteorites. They are used for wisdom, knowledge and to help withstand mental or emotional problems.  It foster wisdom through life experience, prevents emotional scars and helps one overcome challenges.  It is also used for astral travel and lucid dreaming. (Chakras: Root)

Tibetan Quartz – Quartz from Tibet that is sometimes clear but is usually grayish clear due to the amount of carbon and hematite in the areas where it is found.  Good for healing, meditation, relieving tension, clearing mental blocks, centering oneself, and protection.  An excellent stone for intense work on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.   It is said to hold sacred wisdom, and energy frequencies of the ancient cultures of the East, so it can be used to promote contact with these cultures. (Chakras: All)

Tibetan Pink Quartz – Tibetan Pink Quartz is used for unconditional love, self love, inner peace, spiritual protection, overcoming betrayal or abandonment and healing emotional wounds. It is believed to support heart health and is useful for those suffering from auto-immune diseases such as lupus. It can also be used to enhance fertility and prevent miscarriage. Like Tibetan Quartz it is an excellent stone for healing work on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Chakra: Heart.

Tiger’s Eye – Color ranges from light to dark yellow/brown with fibrous inclusions and is used for confidence, money, protection, courage, energy, luck, and divination. It is an emotional balancer and can eliminate the “blues” by bringing brightness and optimism to the user. It is said to aid in the treatment of disorders of the eye, throat, and reproductive system and to aid in night vision. This is a warm stone and promotes energy flow through the body. It is beneficial for the weak and sick. (Chakras: Sacral and Solar Plexus)

Titanium Aura (Flame Aura) – Titanium molecules (one of the strongest and most beautiful of all metals) are bonded to the quartz by the natural electro-static charge of the crystal, causing amazing rainbow colors that enhance the metaphysical properties of the stone.   An excellent stone for creativity, mysticism, introspection, and meditation.  A good stone for all psychics as carrying the crystal is said to assist in reading people. (Chakras: Third Eye)

Topaz – A blue, light green, yellow, orange, red-brown or colorless stone used to suppress fears, increase creativity and balance emotions.  It promotes individuality, self-confidence, and counteracts negative emotions.  It is said to aid with blood disorders, increase poor appetite, and help reverse aging. (Chakra: Color corresponds to chakra)

Tourmalinated Quartz – A clear quartz stone with thin strands of tourmaline running through it, used for grounding, protection, inner strength, and balancing energy.  It is a good stone for neutralizing psychic attack and to keep negativity from returning. It helps reduce anxiety and depression. (Chakras: All)

Tourmaline – A black, pink, red, green, blue, blue-green, yellow, or green and pink stone used for protection, love, health, courage, money, friendship, business, and astral projection. It promotes understanding, diminishes fear, provides confidence, increases spiritual awareness, and protects against negative energy. Has a pleasant, soothing energy.

Tourmaline, Black – A Black stone used for grounding and protection. It acts to protect one from being victimized by the “negative” energy of others. It is also used to activate grounding between the first chakra and the center of the Earth. It acts to stimulate the reflex points of the lower back and can also provide for both the stimulation and the balancing of the adrenal glands. (Chakras: Root)

Tourmaline, Blue or Blue-Green (Indicolite) – a light or deep blue to blue-green stone used for communication, calming, peace, and restful sleep. It has been used to treat disorders of the thyroid, thymus, esophagus, throat, larynx, and lungs. Chakras: throat, and third eye.

Tourmaline, Green – A dark green stone used for love, creativity, calming, strength, compassion, healing, clearing emotional thoughts, and transforming negative energy into positive. Has also been known to attract success, abundance, and prosperity. It is said to help with weight loss and treats disorders of the heart, eyes, thymus, immune system, and ductless glands. Chakra: Heart.

Tourmaline, Pink or Red (Rubellite) – A pink or red stone used for love, creativity, stabilizing emotions, and strengthening insight. Has been used in the treatment of disorders of the heart, reproductive system, digestive system, pancreas, and lungs. Chakras: Base.

Tourmaline, Yellow – A light yellow variety of Tourmaline used to heighten intelligence, increase self-confidence, enhance understanding, and amplify spiritual awareness. It is said to be helpful in the treatment of disorders of the liver, spleen kidneys, gall bladder and stomach. Chakra: Solar plexus.

Tree Agate – A white stone with dark green stripes used to balance, calm and strengthen ones connection to nature.  Considered a powerful talisman for gardeners.  It aids in making new friends, promotes growth of gardens, money, personal goals, and businesses.  It relieves tension and is said to relieve fever, and skin eruptions. (Chakra: Crown, Heart)

Turquoise – Color ranges from sky blue to a soft green and is used for protection, courage, healing, luck, love, travel, and friendship.  It brings communication skills to emotional issues, creativity and intuition.  It promotes spontaneity in issues of romance and stimulates the initiation of romantic love.  It is also a grounding stone and acts to improve meditation and to further peace of mind.  It is said to strengthen the eyes, alleviates fevers, reduces headaches, and protects the physical body. (Chakras: Throat, Heart)

Unikite – A green and pink mottled stone used to remove blockages to help heal the psyche and allow one to recognize their higher self. Used after meditation it brings one to a more grounded state.  It is good to use when recovering from a major illness and is believed to help promote a healthy pregnancy. (Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus, Root)

Vogesite – A multi-colored jasper / chalcedony stone with patterns and swirls of golden yellow, reds, olives, browns, and ivory.  It is a stone of harmony, provides clarity and vision for the future, opening the mind so you can see what you want and help you achieve it.  It provides independence and confidence therefore is recommended when looking for employment.  It provides security and stability in life, and is especially good for promoting creativity. Vogesite is said to be a good healer for arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Zebra Rock – A stone made of a mixture of quartz and basalt found in either black and white or brown and white used to assist with compassion and understanding, helping one to see beyond the superficial to recognize their loving spirit.  It stimulates physical energy and is beneficial for stamina, and endurance. It is said to be good for bone disorders, and muscle spasms.

Zircon – A stone found in many colors used for healing, grounding and centering, attracting money and wealth, protection, beauty, peace, love, and mental powers. It is a stone of unconditional love. It helps ground and clarify spiritual experiences and will ease tensions that arise in the mind from a psychic visionary experience. It has been has been known to prevent the stagnant conditions of depression, melancholy, and listlessness. It can be used to treat disorders of the sciatic nerve, to repair muscles and bones, to increase bone stability and for the treatment of vertigo. (Chakra: Base) MOHS Hardness of 7.5, with a tetragonal crystal system.

Zoisite (Green) – A dark green stone with black spots used to transform negative energy into positive.  It is a stone that brings and enhances trust, and releases fears.  It is also good for vitality; it dispels laziness, and aids a person to realize their inner talents.  Green Zoisite is said to help with the adrenal glands, the reproductive organs and the heart. (Chakra: Heart)


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