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To shop at Instant Karma go to: www.instantkarmashop.etsy.com
To contact us please email: instantkarmastore@gmail.com

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Hello, and welcome to Instant Karma!

Instant Karma originally opened in 1987 as a brick and mortar metaphysical gift shop where like-minded people could shop and connect with one another in a safe spiritual space.  On October 31, 2003 we realized a dream and became the third owners of the Instant Karma legacy. In 2011 we closed the doors of our brick and mortar location in Rockville Centre NY and found a new home selling crystals and stones on etsy.com, a wonderful worldwide marketplace for supplies, handmade, and vintage items.

Our hand selected crystals come from all over the world. We have spent years developing relationships with independent, reputable vendors and mine owners that value the same quality as we do. When the crystals arrive in our workshop they are hand cleaned with soap and water, energetically cleansed (with either sea salt or other crystals) and are charged in the bright sunshine. Some crystals like Fluorite and Pyrite which tend to have a bit of residue on them are lightly buffed by hand with recycled pure cotton cloths, and other crystals and specimens such as our Aragonite clusters and Amethyst clusters are hand scrubbed to get them looking their best. Once cleaned, dried and charged, the crystals are sorted by hand and grouped into lots. The lots are measured with a manual brass caliper, weighed, photographed and listed. It isn’t a quick or easy process but the quality of our merchandise is extremely important to us. We want to offer the best products we can at their very best so we think that the extra steps we take are worth it. Once an order is placed, we lovingly wrap your crystals in safe little bundles, add tissue paper and a note and send them on their way. We know that every single crystal we sell is a one of a kind original so every package that we send out is treated with the same love, care, and attention to detail to ensure that they arrive safely.

The environment is very important to us. To save resources we use rainwater and snow for the cleaning process as much as we can and any clean packing materials that come to us in shipments are reused in the shipments we send to our customers. Any packing materials that we cannot reuse in shipments is recycled, and unused paper products are shredded and composted by our earth worms which we then use to plant our home gardens in the spring.

For payment and shipping info please see our shop policies http://www.etsy.com/shop/instantkarmashop/policy


2 thoughts on “About & Contact

  1. I miss the store. I miss the smell and the feeling and warmth of the Rockville Center location. It was like home to me. Of course I only found out today that you were closed. Many blessings and success in your new venture. Instant Karma is still alive.

  2. Welcome Back Ladies – Best of luck on this new site. Please keep me/us posted on any fairs you will be attending. BB Kathy

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