Instant Crystal Collection Giveaway!!

Instant Karma Instant Crystal Collection Give Away

Want to win all of the crystals shown in the photo above? Well, it’s your lucky day because we’re having a GIVEAWAY!! Win an Instant collection of 30 rough and tumbled crystals valued at over $85.00.

What you’ll get: All of the crystals shown in the accompanying photos. One each of the following crystals: tumbled Jasper, rough Blue Kyanite, tumbled Grey Moonstone, rough Desert Rose Selenite, tumbled Abalone Shell piece, tumbled Jade, tumbled Labradorite, rough Citrine point, tumbled Rose Quartz, tumbled Amazonite, tumbled Picasso Stone, tumbled Carnelian, tumbled Hematite, rough Fluorite Octahedron, rough Tibetan Quartz double terminated point, rough Pyrite specimen, rough Amethyst cluster, rough Water Clear Quartz point, tumbled Apatite, tumbled White Howlite, tumbled Sunstone, rough Chalcedony Druzy specimen, tumbled Mangano Calcite, rough Apophylite Point, rough Aragonite Cluster specimen, tumbled Emerald, tumbled Girasol, polished Agate Geode Slice, rough Cranberry Amethyst Druzy specimen and hand knapped Black Obsidian Arrowhead. Crystals are approximately .75” – 2.25”.

Deadline: Ends Thursday February 27, 2014 at 10pm EST.

Here’s what you need to do to enter (use all or just one of the entry methods below, it’s up to you!):

1. Facebook: Like and comment on the giveaway photo. Click here to enter on Facebook.

2. Blog: Like this post and answer the following question in the comments section below. Question: Of all of the crystals included in this giveaway which is your favorite and why? (1 entry)

2. Instagram: Follow @instantkarmashop and repost giveaway photo from our feed with @instantkarmashop #instantkarmarocks (you can repost the photo once a day for a maximum of 10 entries).

✭ Terms and conditions: No purchase, payment or contribution necessary to enter or win. Open to residents of the U.S.A, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia, ages 18 or older (void where prohibited by law). Each entrant can enter a maximum of 12 times (10 times on Instagram, 1 time on Facebook and 1 time on our blog Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received. Ends Thursday February 27, 2014 10pm EST. The winner’s name will be chosen at random out of a hat and will be announced on facebook, instagram and on Friday February 28, 2014. If the winner fails to claim their prize by March 10,2014 prize is forfeited and another winner will be selected. Winners outside of the U.S are responsible for any and all duties and custom charges that may be incurred.

Questions? No problem! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, just email us at


34 thoughts on “Instant Crystal Collection Giveaway!!

  1. I’ve always loved and collected all different kinds and sizes of quartz since I was a little kid!!💖 But I especially love colorful ones too!!

  2. Desert rose: we all need to feel rejuvinated. Its structure is amazingly energetic and intense. It is strength against the negative. Release.
    They are all wonderful though!

  3. I LOVE all of them, so hard to choose one. my eyes are drawn to the rose quartz, being my favorite color and all 🙂 im an identical triplet and my color growing up to set me apart from my sisters was light pink. cant help but wanna make a necklace out of it! absolutely love your stones! fingers crossed!!

  4. Although they are all gorgeous, the tumbled rose quartz would have to be my favorite because I feel a deep connection with rose quartz and I’m working on clearing my heart chakra!

  5. I commented on your instagram earlier but I wanted to express how much I love braiding hemp and wire wrapping stones to spread the word about organic hemp and meditative stones. I have wire wrapped citrine amazonite hematite rose quartz lepidolite and snowflake obsidian but this giveaway would jump start my progress tremendously. I live in Virginia and there is a lot of natural quartz in the appalachians

  6. The amythest cluster. I have felt a connection to amythest since I was eight. I have five beautiful pieces of amethyst and many more. I would love to add more to this collection. ❤

  7. My favourite is the rough fluorite octahedron because I think is such a cool shape and colour!

  8. When I was 11 I took a trip to Hawaii and was randomly given a rough cluster of amethyst that closely resembles the one in this picture, and I’ve been collecting crystals/stones/gems since then. So I’d have to say that one is my favorite. ❤

  9. My favourite is the amethyst cluster. When I was down and and out with depression, my mom gave me an amethyst cluster and told me it was now my healing crystal. I can honestly say it has helped me in numerous ways. I’d love to win my first crystal collection and begin the process of learning more about them.

  10. I would love to work with the Labradorite! Its uses are myriad; among them: preparing us for ascension and aligning our physical and etheric bodies.

  11. for me, oddly it’s the tumbled jade which stands out most. Not what I thought I would have chosen, but I’ve been sat looking at it for several minutes now… to quote that popular internet meme…. “Wow!! so many, such beauty”
    It’s a beautiful set though, all in. The obsidian arrowhead was a close second!

  12. They are all gorgeous! I’m entering for my daughter, who would also love them all but feels a special connection to her birthstone, citrine.

    • Oops forgot to log in on WordPress when I commented above! Here I am again, just making sure I’m doing this right (Mary G). Thanks!

  13. My favorite stone in your collection is the Rosé Quartz. I just feel it radiates such a powerful & positive energy. I feel it would be great piece to use in energy healing & chakra meditation, and also during spells & rituals.

  14. Beautiful pieces all very unique! I love moonstone, amethyst, kyanite, etc – jasper has always stood out for me. I have had some wonderful experiences with that energy. I’d be happy with anything as they all bring something special to us.

  15. I am absolutely in love with all of theses stones but the stone I feel I have the most connection with is the rough desert rose, I can admire its beauty for hours. This stone reminds me of when I was a child and my father had taken me to a lil shop in the middle of nowhere , they had millions of stones on display and I could only choose one , and the desert rose caught my eye. And since then I’ve had a love of stones and making jewelry with them ♡

  16. Hello! The stone that immediately caught my eye out of all these beauties was the Tibetan Quartz! I have always had a strong connection to this particular crystal. I vibe very well with it’s powerful grounding and balancing energies. You can practically feel the healing power radiating from the stone, the mystical Om vibration it emits. There is an understanding of the sacred essence of nature in this mineral. So beneficial in meditation and healing. A very enlightening stone that anyone would be lucky to be gifted with ~ Thank you for your time! Namaste

  17. Such beautiful crystals and gems 🙂 I love the black obsidian! I heard that it can help to absorb negative energies in any environment and they’re easy to cleanse under the moonlight! Also, it can aid people in doing readings, as it’s protective of the users from any negative entities from the spirit realm. Such a lovely crystal. It’s a shame that I’m not from any of the countries you’ve listed above. Haha! But nevertheless, this is a really awesome deal!!! 😀 x

  18. These are all so pretty! These would be my first crystals if I were to win. I am just now learning about crystals and all of the amazing things you can do with them. I would stoked to win such an awesome set. (:

    • My favorite one of the stones is the rose quartz. First, it’s a beautiful stone that has such a nice color. Second, it’s got a very calm and gentle energy which is very helpful for me. (:

  19. I’m personally a huge fan of the rough Citrine point. I’ve always loved citrine because it is beneficial in so many ways and is a great stress reliever and protector from negative energy.

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