Dear Friends,

As many of you know, as of December 31, 2011 Instant Karma at the Rockville Centre location in NY has permanently closed. We will continue to sell a selection of customer favorites online at our new and improved website which will be launched in February 2012. We may also be moving Instant Karma to a small retail space in Rego Park, NY. It is an idea for now, and we will keep you posted on the developments.

We are very optimistic about this new phase in our lives. But unfortunately it is not without adversity. Back in late July when Instant Karma was for sale, we met with a woman that showed an interest in purchasing the business. During our meeting it was revealed to us that she had been in private discussion with the landlord about renting our soon to be vacant space. Later in the meeting after refusing to sign a non-disclosure agreement protecting our financial records, she asked what was stopping her from using the name Instant Karma without purchasing it from us. We could not believe our ears. When our meeting was over we had hoped that this would be the last mention of someone attempting to profit from what we have worked so hard to accomplish. It is understandable that someone opening the same type of store as ours would want to take over our old space – and there is no harm in that. But it is not understandable how anyone could even consider taking our name and good will and using it to fool both our customers and vendors into thinking we are one and the same.

We have spent our 8 years in business (2003-2011) building a name, client base, reputation, and relationship with both our customers and our vendors. Integrity has always been and will always be a priority in both our business and our personal lives. That integrity is being threatened.

In September we were told that the same woman that we had met with in July was following through on her idea to take our name. Apparently she had already contacted several of our vendors and represented herself as Instant Karma. By October we were told by one of our employees that the very same woman had contacted her and offered her a job at the “new” Instant Karma. And by December some of our other vendors were confusing her company with ours.

Now a large sign hangs in the window of our old space that reads “Welcome Old Friends and New/ Coming Soon – The New/ Instant Karma/ a Metaphysical Boutique/ The Same as Before Plus a Whole Lot More!”. But this is false information. We would like you to know that this store claiming to be Instant Karma has absolutely nothing to do with the original Instant Karma, and they are in fact using the name without our permission. We are currently taking legal action against her.

Thank you very much for your time and continued support!

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  1. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction. Earlier today, I was telling my daughter, who is home on break from college, that the people who are running our old favorite “Instant Karma” and are calling it “Karma Again…” are not in to what they are selling. I was in the shop in March and while I knew full well these women were new owners I came away with an odd feeling. I told my daughter these new owners don’t “get it”, there’s no magic, no interest, its purely for profit operation.
    I’m glad to be able to pass this along, I hope others avoid this place.

  2. Thank you for this info – I didn’t know this and would’ve been duped into thinking it was you ladies. I don’t do business with dishonest people, now will I. If you decide to reopen a shop, I will continue to follow you. Thank you again, hang in there ladies, remember the 3-fold law. Kat

    • Hi Yvonne,

      I can certainly understand your confusion. The entity that has been in the space in Rockville Centre, (Instant Karma’s former space) is in no way whatsoever affiliated with Instant Karma. Fran and Fana, the current owners (since 2003) of Instant Karma, left the space on December 31, 2011.

      Since then a new store has opened claiming to be “Instant Karma,” but they are in no way affiliated with Fran and Fana. It may be perceived that the new store was hoping to “fool” the customers that Fran and Fana have worked so hard to attract and serve honestly and reputably, into thinking that they were in fact the legitimate owners of “Instant Karma.”

      Just know Yvonne, if someone purchases from the people that are renting Instant Karma’s former space they are not buying from Fran and Fana, but from what I consider pale imposters and unsavory business people.

      In my opinion I find it repugnant that a moral “business person” would try to, in effect, steal the reputation and clients from other hard working and honest people. I hope that Fran and Fana’s wonderful clients see through this sham and give their business and hard earned money to honest businesses. I for one won’t even set foot in that store, I wouldn’t want any of that bad karma rubbing off on me.

      I hope this helps to clarify the ambiguity.

      Best regards,

  3. I always say “What goes around, comes around”. This is certainly not the right way to open a business and I feel her dishonesty will backfire on her. Good luch to you, however, in your new venture!

    Judy McLaughlin

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